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Mission – To provided safe and effective treatment for substance use disorders.
Vision – To empower individuals and their families to achieve stability, independence and purpose through a continuum of care.

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A male graduate stated: "A year ago my life was going nowhere fast. Struggling with addiction, I decided it was time for a change. I checked myself into EORC where I successfully graduated and gained coping skills along the way. I am now currently living at New Vision, a clean and sober facility through EORC. As well as a being a part of my community here in Pendleton, I attend Celebrate Recovery, Church, and other clean and fun functions. I have lost it all going down the path I was going, but through my faith and organizations like EORC, I changed my life for the good. Remember if you believe you can achieve.


A long-time member of our staff tells us the story of living in a cardboard box under the bridge in 6 degree weather. His road to recovery began when he came home and found his box had been taken to the dump. The County Sheriff drove him to the Detox Program and from there he went into the treatment program at EORC. He now has 20 years clean and sober, is a certified addictions counselor and has presented at national conferences for rural alcohol and drug counselors. “In the 20 years I have seen literally hundreds of others go through this program who are still clean and sober today. This program really works!”

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