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***Eastern Oregon Recovery Center has implemented some changes due to the directives fromGovernor Kate Brown and the Oregon Health Authority:

  • The EORC Residential Program will not admit clients into treatment unless they have been fever-free for 24 hours.

  • The EORC Residential Program will not admit clients into treatment with acute upper-respiratory illness.

  • All clients who develop fevers of 99.5 degrees or higher will go to the urgent care

  • EORC clients will not be attending outside events, such as: 12-step meetings, church events, or organized picnics and conferences, at this time. We do have 12-step meetings on site. 

  • We are currently not allowing visitors to the facility. This includes outside agencies, family, or groups that normally come to present information to our clients.

  • Our clients will not be going off campus for shopping, and staff will take care of those needs.

  • All staff will stagger shifts to increase engagement will clients, and no staff member will report to work if ill.

At EORC we are committed to the well-being
of our clients, staff, and our community members.
Thank you



A Bit of Background

Since 1960, Eastern Oregon Recovery Center (formerly known as Eastern Oregon Alcoholism Foundation, EOAF) has taken pride in pursuing its mission of providing safe and effective treatment for substance use disorders. 


Vision Statement:

To empower individuals and their families to achieve stability, independence, and purpose, utilizing a trauma-informed, strength-based approach through a continuum of care.

EORC utilizes a full continuum of care to achieve stability, independence, and purpose. EORC is licensed by the State of Oregon and offers medically monitored and clinical detoxification, and residential treatment for adults. 

Serving Eastern Oregon for 63 years!


Get in touch with Eastern Oregon Recovery Center to learn more about our services.

EORC Main Office ~ 216 SW Hailey Ave, Pendleton OR 97801 or 
EORC Detoxification Program ~ 4708 NW Pioneer Pl, Pendleton OR 97801

EORC Main Office (541) 276-3518 ~ EORC Detox Program (541) 278-2558

EORC Main Fax (541) 276-4189 ~ EORC Detox Program Fax (541) 215-1199

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